About CentriDesign

About CentriDesign

We Are Specialists Developers Designers

CentriDesign has delivered hardware and software solutions across all industries, ranging from consumer electronics through medical devices, and industrial automation. Our success is due to a combination of engineering excellence, best practices in project management, and strong relationships with technology partners. We’re technically advanced. We thrive on complexity. We analyze, we learn, we create. We celebrate engineering. CentriDesign has completed customized projects, has Design at several locations in United States, and is partnered with many of the most respected technology providers in the world. It takes a very broad skill set to be able to deliver all the software and hardware required to create an electronic device. Our team encompasses a dazzling diversity of skills and backgrounds.

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Our Value

Hardware Design

CentriDesign has extensive experience in embedded systems programming and firmware development for all types of devices, ranging from simple PCI, PCMCIA, Media controllers and USB devices of special challenges and unique real-time data capture. CentriDesign does most of this development using C and C++ languages for various Processors like RISC, DSP, CISC, RM, XScale, MIPS, Zilog, 68K, PowerPC and X86

BSP and Firmware Development

RadiLogic’s Product Engineering Services (PES) team has vast expertise in BSP and firmware development for a variety of OS platforms and hardware architectures; right from creating specifications, designing and implementation. RadiLogic’s offers end-to-end support for firmware development services which includes; System architecture and partitioning, RTOS abstraction, Board bring up, boot loader, Hardware abstraction, BIOS porting and performance optimization, validation, and debugging.

Application Development Services

CentriDesign specializes in the development of advanced software solutions for the web or almost any platform. Windows, Linux, IOS, Android etc. We provide development services in either on a partnership basis or as a service to our customers. We offer consultations, concept development (system design), implementation and high-quality technical service and support. Our engineers have extensive experience in hardware and software development and they go through regular training in latest technologies.