Embedded Prototype Boards


Embedded Prototype Boards

We offer low cost, low power industrial grade prototype boards with a set of complementary features including real time operating system software, device drivers, user interface, and expandable I/O. Our customizable embedded boards, are ideal for embedded applications,

such as:

  • Data acquisition
  • Measurement
  • Real time control
  • Signal processing
  • Communications

The boards integrate ample memory and input/output capability with ready-to-use embedded control software, all on palm-size boards.

These built-in functions make it easy for you to get the most out of your SBC's computational and I/O capabilities. You can choose between any programming language, or the C language to program your board.

In addition, we offer:

  • GPS tracking 16- or 24-bit resolution programmable gain A/D; 12-bit D/A
  • Compact flash mass memory
  • AC or DC solid state relays
  • Configurable digital I/O
  • Additional RS232, RS422 or RS485
  • Or high-voltage, high-current DC inputs and outputs