RF and MW Engineering


RF and MW Engineering

We have extensive experience in developing custom antenna and radio frequency designs for a wide range of applications. Our engineering team helps in building new wireless solutions and radio frequency applications, assist in RF analysis and product testing-across-interdisciplinary-domains.

We have a strong RF and Microwave engineering capability, featuring a team of enthusiastic engineering talent, substantial investments in RF test and measuring instruments, and an attitude to utilize the latest technologies.

An in-house manufacturing capability and an insatiable demand for fulfilling requirements of Radar, Electronic Warfare and Communication domains, we have developed a whole line of building blocks including TRx Modules, Up and Down Converters, Power Amplifiers, Transmitters, Combiners and Couplers for specific requirements.

  • Antenna Design
  • Filter Design

We provide top-notch antenna design that results in functional implementation of high performance requirements. Our practical-driven process includes reviewing the initial client and project needs and collaborating with our client to develop practical requirements and design goals. After agreeing on a design concept, we perform a Situational Analysis to identify and prioritize additional design goals and objectives.

This process leads to antenna design solutions that are innovative, practical, cost-effective and useful.

  • Selection of suitable external Antenna like whip, Helical, Loop etc. Depending upon range requirements and Space constraints. Design of micro-strip PCB Antenna to reduce cost.
  • Design of band pass / low pass Filters using passive components.

RF Design

Radio frequency printed circuit boards (RF PCBs) are an exciting, fast growing sector of the PCB manufacturing industry. They are also incredibly complex with a dizzying range of options.

  • PCB Design of RF critical components with throughout 50 ohm impedance matching
  • Provision of ground shielding, wherever necessary
  • Marking of no plane zone under antenna geometry
  • Orthogonal placement of multiple on-board antennas sharing same band
  • Stitching of RF vias around the perimeter of RF components. RF Signal strength improvement through proper PCB Design
  • Careful routing to guard RF signals and circuits to reduce radiated and international emissions
  • RF Hardware for GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, WLAN, DVB-H, W-CDMA and ZigBee Technologies
  • RF Transceivers
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Power Amplifiers
  • PLL based Synthesizers
  • Filters

Analog & Mixed Signal PCB Design

The electronic industry has developing applications that require integrated functionality of both digital and analog circuits. MASTERPCB has significant expertise in the designing of mixed signals.

  • Audio video codes, encoders, decoders
  • DAC and high speed ADC
  • Communication systems
  • RF- based band and RF frontend