Inductrial Design

Our services include prototyping, design, in-house tool production, wire EDM, specialist tool transfer service, high- quality manufacturing and logistics. We specialize in pressed metal parts with tolerances as low as one micron. Press from 5 tons to 160 tons.

Small - medium - high order quantity

Product materials of cast iron, cast steel, super duplex, SST, copper based & aluminum based alloys.

  • CNC milling (Aluminum, brass, steel, zinc alloy, many others )
  • Sheet metal (Steel, Aluminum, many others)
  • Die Casting (ADC12,etc)
  • Finish :remove bur, sandblast, anodized, painting, printing, plating, high polish, mirror polish, blackening, powder coating, etc.

Precision CNC machining

Services by us are provided for industries such as automotive, construction, medical and other. We are experts in milling, drilling, turning, boring, knurling, reaming, grinding, polishing, deburring , tapping, and external and internal thread cutting. We also offer broaching, slotting, and deep hole drilling. Featuring 2- and 3-axis machinery, our shop is equipped with CNC controlled vertical and horizontal lathes, vertical machining centers, and twin spindle machines. CNC machining service USA

We work with cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze, and nickel as well as non-metals such as ABS, acetal, acrylic, fiberglass reinforced plastics, nylon, phenolics, PTFE, and UHMW enabling us to produce a wide variety of products. Our capabilities enable us to fabricate products that measure up to 24” in diameter and up to 30” >long. We have a lifting capacity of 2 tons and work to tightest tolerances of ±.0002”.

Metal injection molding (MIM)

An effective way to produce complex and precision-shaped parts from a variety of materials. This process produces parts for 50% less than the cost of CNC machining or casting. MIM is able to produce parts with complex shapes, superior strength and excellent surface finish with high volume manufacturing.

From design and tooling to production and quality engineering with in-depth technical and engineering expertise.