3D Modelling and Drafting


3D Modelling and Drafting

Concept- to Design

  • Assembly lines
  • Mechanical operations equipments
  • Manual, semi-automated and automated stations
  • Special machines with different functions: screwing, crimping, testing, press fitting, fastening, assembly, etc.
  • Hanging
  • Main Line Assembly Stations

Drawing to Fabrication

  • 2D to 3D conversion: Convert your 2D drawings into full parametric 3D models and designs. Harness the intelligence of 3D models to optimize or enhance your product design
  • Paper to CAD: Conversion of paper, TIF, PDF or other static drawings to full 3D. We will transfer all notations, tolerances, and related data to your desired platform.
  • 3D CAD Assemblies, Animation and Rendering: We can develop large-scale, complex assemblies with 100s of components and configurations. Animations and rendering can be extremely useful in your marketing and outreach efforts
  • Prints for Manufacturing: We can develop detailed drawings and prints for manufacturing with tolerances, generation of Bills of Materials (BOM) directly from your CAD models
  • Accuracy: A dedicated engineer separate from the originator checks every drawing, Additional random check done for of the drawings as additional quality measure