PCB and Electronic Design


PCB and Electronic Design

CentriDesign has extensive experience in PCB design, ranging Single layer to 24 layers.Prototype boards,Small-volume,Superior Difficulty,High Precision, Faster and delivery on time ,and Quick response, High wiring density, light weight, thin thickness.

  • PCB Layout Designs
  • PCB Layout Designs
  • Schematic Capture
  • CAD Library Creation
  • PCB Re–Engineering & Reverse Engineering
  • CAM Validation
  • Board optimization
  • Design documentation
  • Signal, Thermal and Power Integrity Verification

Design Capabilities

RadiLogic’s Product Engineering Services (PES) team has vast expertise in PCB design for a variety of technologies.

RadiLogic’s offers end-to-end support for all phases of board development.

  • Custom based FPGAs, CPLDs , DDR Designs
  • Design for Micro Vias, Blind and Buried Vias
  • Design accuracy up to 4 decimal places in MILs

Embedded software is at the heart of all intelligent devices and Software development is a combination of architecture, technology, domain knowledge and process. CentriDesign helps product developers address the ever-increasing demand in this space and our Software Development Team possesses a comprehensive skill set which spans board support packages and OS porting to middleware, embedded application development and compatibility testing (CTS).

CentriDesign has over the years, built up design and debugging experience, making it possible to shorten the development cycle and increase the reliability of our firmware. We provide customers with optimized software for the chosen platforms and architectures resulting in faster time-to-market maintaining highest quality of standards from concept to product release.

Operating Systems and Kernel mode development

RadiLogic’s embedded software design services is optimized over a wide range of popular RTOS platforms and proprietary micro-kernels.

Some of the RTOS platforms which RadiLogic’s team has worked on include:

RTOS/Kernel: Embedded Linux, Android, Windows Embedded CE, VxWorks, uCLinux, Carrier Grade Linux, Nucleus, iTRON, Integrity, Velocity

Proprietary Kernel: VDK, DSP-BIOS

PCB Manufacturing

  • Fabrication of FR4 Boards up to 48 Layers
  • Fabrication of Meg6 and Meg 7 boards and other controlled Impedance boards
  • Fabrication of Metal Backed Boards
  • Fabrication of Graphite boards
  • Fabrication Metal Clad PCBs
  • Fabrication of Special boards using Rogers, Dupont, Panasonic, Taconic Etc
  • Fabrication of Hybrid boards
  • Fabrication Of coin integrated boards for RF Power Amplifiers
  • Metal bonding to the RF and microwave Boards